An Attempt to Curb Pokies: Who and Why?

Documentary film, laws and regulations, petitions against pokies – and it’s not the full list of news highlighted in mass media during the last month. Is the government going to ban pokies?

A new documentary film about addictive influence of real money pokies has been recently released on TV. Ka-Ching: Pokie Nation reveals the mechanism how and why the poker machines were programmed to lure and manipulate the gamblers. They are rigged, they are addictive and they are everywhere. And now you can find lots of active discussions aimed to prohibit pokies.

But is it really the best solution to curb the harm caused by pokies? Every year Australians spend about $12 billion playing electronic gambling machines, with 400,000 problem gamblers – 65% of whom are addicted to pokies. But it’s not so easy to prohibit pokies as the governments are addicted by money from gambling. For instance, in Victoria about 10% of the entire tax takes goes from poker machines. So, will politicians ban it? The question is how to minimize the harm caused by addiction. In this regard, regulation and laws are far better ways to reduce the misery.

A few years ago an independent Tasmanian MP Andrew Wilkie offered to reduce the amounts that could be bet on poker machines as well as limit the amount an individual could lose in a session of gambling. Such measures can improve the situation if the government legislate them.

Another solution can be found in free online gambling. Now there are so many online pokies which are absolutely free, so they can replace poker machines in clubs and pubs. The big advantage of these pokies is that they offer a great variety of slots with amazing bonuses that the punters can hardly find offline. So, why going somewhere if you can try your luck at home?

Can you find the reasons why online pokies are worse than their brothers in clubs and clubs? Share your ideas!

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