5 reasons to visit Adelaide

This article is useful for those who wants to learn more about culture of great Australian city – Adelaide.

  1. The Adelaide Zoo

The Adelaide zoo is the best zoo in Australia, operating since 1983.

A distinctive feature of this zoo is that it is one of the few works on a nonprofit basis. It occupies a fairly large area, which is home for at least 300 species of local and exotic animals. This zoo is divided into special zones according to the origin of the animal type.

 Unlike other zoos in Adelaide, try not to use the cell and grid, and are mainly used in glass and natural fences. For example, tigers have a private waterfall with swimming pool and private slice of jungle and a small rock to rest. The zoo is a home for a large number of birds, but more clearly presented the exhibition Flamingo, which opened in 1885.

At the beginning of these amazing birds here were around ten individuals, but because of the severe drought that occurred in 1915, most of them were killed. Now this one contains a pair of Flamingo is one of the oldest representatives of the zoo, dating back nearly seventy years.

  1. Botanical Gardens of Adelaide

The main Botanical garden was founded in 1857, Here you can see ancient plants of 19 century from all over the world!

The second Botanical garden location is in the Eastern slope of Lofty Mountain. The first visitors came to the Park were in 1977 – then on the big area it was possible to get acquainted with temperate climate plants. Today the garden has seven valleys, each of which are grown in certain groups of plants. It has represented the whole world climatic zones.

Botanical garden of Wittunga was founded in 1975 and presents the plants collection from Australia and South Africa. The Australian plants collection was taken from collected the Peninsula Fleurieu and the areas of Western Australia.

  1. Aboriginal culture study center

Aboriginal study center “Tandanya” is a unique place for people who want to learn Australian culture and the history of indigenous population.

The center started its work in 1989 and today it is the oldest cultural aboriginal center of the country, employing only indigenous representatives. In the halls of “Tanzania” you can see the work of newcomers and other artists. You can  hear the sound of ancient wind instrument – didjeridu, which is a six-foot wooden or bamboo pipe and get  to know the  ritual importance of certain sounds.

  1. Adelaide Casino

+61 8 8212 2811

Adelaide Rail Station, North Terrace, Adelaide, South Australia

Located in the Adelaide Rail Station, the Adelaide Casino has close to 130,000 square feet of gaming space. With close to a hundred tables and approximately one thousand machines, this three-story casino has gaming options that can appeal to any visitor.

  1. National Wine Centre

National wine center of Australia is a Wine Museum and winery which shows more than 10000 different kinds of local wines! Here you can learn the technology and history of wine production and try different Australian wines comparing to your tastes.

Regular interactive “Wine research expedition” tour uses new technologies:   visitors can see holograms of famous winemakers of Australia. Here you can learn all about the unique Australian wine technology.

A stunning collection of wines is noteworthy.

You can not only try but also buy an amazing collection of Australian wines. It is a true Paradise for real connoisseurs. Wines are updated day by day to show the diversity of the products from different districts of the country.

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