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Here is a list of the top PS2 games in recent times. The Sony Playstation has always been known to come out with titles which cater to a vivid audience. Here is a list of the top ten games for the Playstation 2. These games top the PS2 game ratings.

Fans of wrestling have always been a hungering group of people as far as interactive entertainment is concerned. The latest entry into the wrestling gaming for PS 2 is Smackdown Vs Raw 2007. The current lot has the biggest revamps in the franchise ever. It has also done away with the complicated procedures for the hi-fi grapple moves.

Smackdown Vs Raw 2007 also has special features like ‘ultimate control’, in which you can do just about anything with your opponent to massage your ego. Smackdown Vs Raw 2007 is one of the few wrestling games which not only use the wrestling characters as eye-candy but also take them to a higher and new level. Simply put, the brutal entertainment of wrestling makes Smackdown Vs Raw 2007 one of the top ten games for the PS2

The second offering of the ‘God of War’ series easily makes it to the top ten list for the PS2. ‘God of War 2′ is seen to be more of a continuation of the storyline of the original game than a sequel. The game has the central character ‘Kratos’ being forced to return to Earth and therefore take revenge from Zeus.

‘The Fast and the Furious’ is possibly the best racing game for the PS2. The plot of the game is similar to Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift. The game follows the traditional way of racing games where the racer buys their own first car and then completes various challenges and races. The game has versions of cars from the stables of Acura, Chevrolet, Dodge, Ford, Honda and others.

The sixth offering in the Resident Evil series is now available for the PS2. ‘Resident Evil 4′ is the ultimate survival horror game ever made. The game tells the story six years after the incidents of Resident Evil 2. Resident Evil once again deals with chemicals being used to control people and make them zombies.

The ‘Test Drive: Unlimited’ arcade style racing game is another of the best games for the PS2. The game has over one hundred and fifty licensed cars, as well as more than a thousand miles of created world, similar to the Oahu in Hawaii. Test Drive unlimited is the newest offering from the ‘Test Drive’ franchisee. It is one of the longest running franchises ever.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is another game that easily makes it to the best in PS2 gaming. GTA, that has inspired other games like Saints Row, sees a man coming back to his home only to find his mother murdered and his gang broken up. As the player continues playing the game, they unravel the mystery behind the murder, as well as building the gang. Along with Resident Evil, Silent Hill has long been a favorite in the suspense-horror-survival genre of games. Silent Hill 4: The Room is one of the best titles on the PS2.

The game has the main protagonist trapped in his room, with the only escape being a hole in the bathroom, which takes him into a weird world. The storyline of the Sims was so complex that they couldn’t give us everything in seven sequels. Therefore, the revamped the entire concept of running byte-sized homes and came up with the Sims. The runaway success of the original and revamped Sims has given birth to a sequel, ‘The Sims 2: Pets’.

‘The Sims 2: Pets’ may be inspired by the earlier version of a Sims add-on, which had pets. This made the game a bit clumsy and ate up into it’s popularity. This time, however, makers of the game have come up wit the ultimate gift to the animal lovers. Sims 2: Pets makes it into the list of top games for the PS2 simply due to its innovative concept, updated gameplay and added features.

‘Spider-Man -3′ makes this list simply because it is one of the most awaited PS2 titles of date. The game is made on the third sequel of the Spider-Man movie series and will feature prominent villains like the Sandman, Venom and the Green Goblin. This list ends with the latest ‘throw-and- blow’ challenge games, Dragonball Z:Budokai Tenkaichi 2. With a more simple interface than the previous games in the franchise and a deep storyline, Dragonball Z becomes one of the top ten best Play Station 2 games.

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