Gambling addiction stories: What to do after you lose everything

Gambling is naturally related with full of risks and problems. It gives potential to gain and lose money. It is an immoral activity, which harms society. Development of gambling has been incredible. In the last few years, it has altered itself from sinful to well-accept. If you gamble, you should expect to lose everything that is owned by you. In gambling, all performers have an equivalent chance of winning.

Views on Gambling:

Risk is the one and only thing that the gambling has. But, most people believe that “Gambling is an innocuous form of entertainment”. Others’ views are “It is an immoral one and kills their lives”. These conflicting views can help figure the ruling of gambling.

Why Gambling Has Grown Wider?

There are many probable descriptions for the development of gambling. But here is one simple explanation for the spread of gambling: countries need the income and are addicted to gaming funds. Government has accepted gambling, so people are participating more in gambling.

Why People Fell On Gambling?

Everyone wants to live their life safe and full of joy without more difficulties. So, they examine an informal way of making money. Finally, they end up in gambling. Because, people believe that gambling is an easy way of earning money and it is an amazing entertainment. But, they’re likely not ready to know it is an unnatural thing.

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Gambling Diverges a Person’s Life:

Once a person stepping-in into gambling, they spent everything like money, jewels, anything owned by them on gambling.

“A coin has two ends. Life has ups and down”.

Similarly, gamblers have both profit and loss. If they are lucky, they will win or else they have to lose everything owned by them. It changes their lives entirely and makes them spend more time on gambling games. Once, people entered in gambling, it is harder to know what to do to get out of the chaos. Finally, they had lost enjoyment by this risky entertainment.

Ways to Recuperate From Gambling:

Keep a gambling log – helps you better understand the problem.
Let to know your gambling behavior to your family and friends.
Avoid high-risky situations – Use of credit cards and borrowing money.
Pick an alternative to gambling – Many people don’t know what to do in their leisure time, so they continue gambling. Explore new hobbies.
Recognize your positive achievements – Write down your positive achievements to resolve your asset and traits.
Don’t be over covetous.
Have short and long term goals which make your mind to stay focused and clear.
Story about Gambler:

Here is one personal story about a person who gambles. This is the story of Joanne’s, a middle class family man who slowly but surely started gambling too much. He is an immigrant, who came to States to pursue an improved life, but surprisingly gambling coxed his life in a different way. He started playing cards, things went bad from worse. He would play more than 6 hours a day, between 4-5 times a week depending on his agenda and how much time he could get away from the home. Days went; he becomes more addicted to gambling. It makes him borrow money from his family and friends. Sometimes, he won in betting, but not more than few hundreds and lost more than his profit. One day, he lost everything (home, money, savings, jewels) this made him aware of gambling. They seek gambler’s help to recuperate him. Now, he has turned his life around and is campaigning to help others with gambling addictions.


Gambling leads to loss of you and your belongings and even leads to death. So, beware of gambling.

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