PSP Minis Are Coming To The PS3

Written by Sam Lawrence | Wednesday, 09 December 2009 16:07



Just a quick not for the people that own both a PS3 and PSP, the Minis that launched alongside the PSP go are soon to be playable on your Playstation 3 as well. If you’re not sure what the Minis are, think of them as iPhone games that have been ported to the PSP (since most of them are exactly that.)

Well when ever Firmware 3.15 rocks up on December 17th you can play Tetris or Pinball to your hearts content. What they will look like though is another matter entirely. Sure they probably look good on a PSP screen, but isn’t a PS3 meant to be played on a HD set? Yea that’s what I thought too. So what do we call them when they are on a 50” TV? Surely they can’t be called Minis… How about Biggies?

What’s terribly confusing to me is with all the great PSP games that they have on the PSN that I can’t buy them and play them on my PS3. Obviously there is some sort of emulation going on here, you can’t tell me the PS3 isn’t powerful enough to play these games while up scaling and adding some AA to the graphics. Yes it might cost a few PSP console sales but you would be selling software and we know that people really don’t buy a lot of PSP games anyways. I personally want to play PSP games but don’t have the want to buy a PSP…


Well don’t worry there is something slightly more useful in the Firmware will be the ability to transfer all your data from one PS3 to another by using an Ethernet Cable, save games and all. For all those people richer than me that bought a 2nd PS3 after the price drop, you can now easily transfer your assets across.

Now we just have to wait and see what console manufacture (or steam) will let you sync your save games to a server for when the console breaks down so its as easy as connecting to PSN/XBL/Steam/Wii (oh you know I'm joking on this one) and downloading your save files. That would really be next gen gaming.

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