The Dark Knight Rises Could Be Longer (and yes that does sound a little phallic)

Written by Aaron Mitchell | Monday, 17 September 2012 11:42


Clocking in at 3 hours would be considered a good innings for most movies, let alone a summer blockbuster about a comic book character who dresses like a furry animal. But there are rumblings all along the internet that Dark Knight Rises may have a directors cut Bluray featuring scenes that could extend the film by as much as 30 minutes. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve heard “30 minutes!” as the amount of time added to a film in a directors cut (LotR exception clause) so I immediately say bullshit to that aspect of the story. But on the whole it’s not unprecedented. We know from reliable sources there’s a whole bunch of Bane origin story scenes that were cut from the film and there are also rumours of more Ras al Ghul scenes with Liam Neeson yet to be seen.

The only problem with this rumour is director Christopher Nolan, a meticulous film maker who always has final edit on everything he makes and tends to put everything he wants up on screen. While the additional footage could break the flow of such a perfectly paced film, I’d love to see me some Bane in the League of Shadows origin stuff.


Mark of the Ninja Review

Written by Aaron Mitchell | Monday, 17 September 2012 11:21


It’s been my belief for a while that the best games available anywhere can be found on Xbox Live. Over the last few years games like Limbo, Shadow Complex, Trials HD, Trenched (or Steel Batallion), Monday Night Combat and others have blown my tiny mind in terms of quality and sheer enjoyment. The latest addition to my list of games never to be deleted is Mark of the Ninja, in my opinion the best Xbox Live Arcade game out this year. Play it immediately.

Okay, maybe I should offer a few reasons and details; but honestly, I’m wasting your time, you should be playing it now.



Planetary Annihilation Brings Back RTS's

Written by Aaron Mitchell | Tuesday, 11 September 2012 15:12


To be fair, the RTS genre didn't really go any where. The games that were being made tended to be focused on the pro circuit and most players migrated over to MOBA games. This is what makes Planetary Annihilation so fun to look at, it's an RTS game that could potentially be fun for regular people like you and me who don't like watching Korean's playing Starcraft no matter how much money is wagered (and we've all since learned every match is fixed by organised crime anyway) and don't like getting destroyed online by serious players.

After building up your base you can send troops of to other planets to build up more bases and launch interplanetary nuke strikes and drop robots onto enemy bases, you can even weaponise asteroids and rocket them into enemy planets. The game looks mad fun and the Kickstarter is looking for more money for the next few days which you can see here.



The Avengers Bluray Review

Written by Aaron Mitchell | Monday, 10 September 2012 07:28


Feels like I only saw the movie last week but I’ve all ready got my bluray copy to watch over and over and over and over and over and over again until every moment is seared into my memory to be cherished as warmly as my real life memories. Memories like seeing The Avengers Bluray for sale in the grocery story, buying it with my groceries, tearing the shrink wrap off and sticking the disc in my PS3. You know, cherished memories. Also probably some stuff about my wife birthing my kids



Pokemon Characters if Tim Burton Designed Them

Written by Aaron Mitchell | Monday, 10 September 2012 07:18


Whether it’s steampunk Star Wars or sci fi Lord of the Rings, I absolutely love doodlings by talented folk that genre mash well known pop culture stuff. This is one of the cleverest I’ve seen for a while though. Behold, classic Pokemon’s if they were designed by Tim Burton, gotta catch all your childhood nightmares!

Gallery after the jump...


Middle Manager for Justice Announced

Written by Aaron Mitchell | Monday, 10 September 2012 07:16


Double Fine, Tim Schafer’s dream factory that produces games like Willy Wonka makes chocolate, has announced their next game, Middle Manager of Justice. In which you micro manage the worlds super heroes so they can effectively fight evil.

It sounds... I don’t want to say bad. Can I say zynga-ee as a word? It sounds zynga-ee. Not least of all because it’s a freemium game. But I have faith in Double Fine. I still play Brutal Legend from time to time in the vain hope my tortured love for that game will be rewarded. Still the best opening of any video game ever though.


A Backyard Gauss Gun

Written by Aaron Mitchell | Monday, 10 September 2012 07:10


So this guy made his own Gauss Gun, a gun that can propel bullets using magnetic copper coils up to a hundred meters a second. He’s the same inventor who came up with a wrist mounted crossbow and a circular saw blade launcher. In other words, he’s the last person someone should ever try to burgle and possibly the most prepared person for the zombie the apocalypse in the world.

Here's the full site for all his crazy home made weaponry: http://www.laser-gadgets.com/

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