The Wednesday Cap - The Big One

Written by Aaron Mitchell | Thursday, 09 August 2012 00:54


Here's this weeks Wednesday Cap, I gotta warn you though, this is a big one, so you might want to go to the bathroom or grab a power bar or something. You're going to be sitting down for a while.



Game of Thrones Book Review

Written by Dan | Tuesday, 07 August 2012 22:58

Westeros, a land where a singles night, and a family reunion are the same thing.
Actually really respect this series read review to find out why


Police Chief Says Addictive Crime Games Are Turning Kids into Killers With a Straight Face

Written by Aaron Mitchell | Tuesday, 07 August 2012 20:16


I was considering whether or not to even mention this as an individual blog post, especially as Dan had all ready spoken to the painful awfulness of the story, and given the original story in the Sydney Morning Herald and a follow up attempted beat up of the subject by 7 News had almost been dismissed by the media at large, but what the hell. These types of stories are red rags to me. I must attack.

In short, the NSW Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione decided to rant about murder simulator games when discussing several recent assaults involving adolescents that resulted in two fatalities.



The Legend Begins

Written by Jay | Monday, 06 August 2012 22:21

Big news coming your way readers, Transformers: Fall of Cybertron will be hitting the shelves on August 22. I know what you're thinking and I must admit I''m thinking it too, "I want it now!" Luckily for all of us, the team over at Activision have released a downloadable demo available now on Xbox LIVE Marketplace and the Playstation Network!




This feature-packed demo gives fans the opportunity to sample both single AND multi-player modes in TRANSFORMERS: FALL OF CYBERTRON.  Gamers can experience the explosive first mission as BUMBLEBEE desperately battles to save the Autobot starship under heavy attack from MEGATRON and the Decepticons.  Players will also get to take control of VORTEX in an assault mission, changing from chopper-to-jet-to-robot however they please while engaging in blistering firefights on the ground and in the air.  As if that wasn’t enough, the TRANSFORMERS: FALL OF CYBERTRON demo also allows fans to get a taste of the game’s robust Transformers character customizer, and take their newly created bots straight into Team Deathmatch and Conquest online multiplayer modes.


In order to provide the best experience for gamers at launch, High Moon Studios will be carefully monitoring the multiplayer action for player feedback and balancing data.  Fans are invited and strongly encouraged to direct their comments to the team’s Twitter account: @FallofCybertron,  https://twitter.com/FallofCybertron

For more information and updates, you guys can check out the their facebook @ www.facebook.com/TransformersGame and the website www.TransformersGame.com


Get a clue Scip

Written by Dan | Monday, 06 August 2012 20:53


‘Don’t mind me, I am just herping my derp’ – Andrew Scipione 3:16


Click through to


The Calm Before The Storm

Written by Jay | Monday, 06 August 2012 13:02

Hello my dear TAGS readers. Firstly, allow me to make a formal appology as you would have undoubtedly noticed the site has been rather slow these past few weeks. There is a simple explination to this that falls into 2 categories.

First is the time of year; Many know that the middle of the year is the slowest time for games and is recognised as the "little fishes game". It gives the smaller companies a chance to release their games to the general public and hopefully make some money before the years big releases start flooding the market towards the end of the year.

Secondly is the workload placed on some of the key staff. Poor Derek the PR guy has been swamped up with his day job and family commitments that it pains him to know that the website has been fading out like the ending to an epic movie.


BUT NEVER FEAR! Both myself, and new writer/reviewer Dan, have taken it apon ourselves to help lighten the load of the big bosses and kick the website into a sequel just in time for this years big releases to start making their way into your homes and leading to countless hours of insomnia and sickies for all.

Now that the formal introduction is out of the way lets have a quick look at a few of the titles we are all waiting for!



Make sure you get out of the house right now and get your pre-orders in on these titles as some contain excellent limited edition stuff along with pre order bonuses! I know I already have and I look forward to kicking out the POS 4cylinder and strapping in a mighty V8 on TAGS and bringing you all the best reviews and game news you could possibly handle!

Also listen out for Aaron Mitchells Wednesday Cap!



The Wednesday Cap – I’m Going Outside Now

Written by Aaron Mitchell | Thursday, 02 August 2012 21:00


It has been almost four seasons since I came into possession of a key, a portal, into another land. At first I explored fleetingly, a few steps at a time, then deeper, until my sense of reality became hazy. I would look at my soft pink hands on this side of the looking glass and wonder, where are the calluses from gripping sword and shield? Where are the scars from fighting for my life against wolves, bears and trolls? But now the pull is upon me, the desire for stinging snow storms on my face, for danger, plunder and glory. There are still dragons to be killed, disputes to be settled, and tales now of vampiric lords hunting at night, and vampire hunters armed with strange new weapons stalking them in turn.

Before I go into the top of the world, nary to return, allow me to leave you with these parting words. This weeks Wednesday cap.


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