Saints Row: The Third - Review

Written by Jay | Thursday, 01 December 2011 00:00


Please note the following events in the main storyline are explained in poor detail as to not reveal any form of spoiler for fans of the previous Saints Row games. If you are new to Saints Row and wish to know the whole storyline, it is recommended that you play Saints Row and Saints Row 2 to gain knowledge of previous events that may help with understanding the main plot in Saints Row: The third. If your just looking for a good time however, you have come to the right place. Enjoy.




The Third Street Saints aren't just the murderous gang we once knew and loved. With the help of the overthrow of Ultor in Saints Row 2, they have branched out and become world wide media superstars, with Saints Energy Drinks, Planet Saints clothing stores, Johnny Gat Bobble Head Masks and a movie in the making. With the mistake of attempting to rob a bank (owned by the later met Syndicate) and with the help of Josh Birk, a movie actor researching his role in the upcoming Saints movie, an alarm gets triggered and after a lengthy gun fight on land and in the air you and your crew eventually get arrested by the Stillwater P.D.


Luckily someone wants you more than the police and bail you out. It is at this point we get "formerly" introduced with the international crime organisation, The Syndicate. We are taken to meet their leader, Phillipe Loren, on his private jet that is currently in mid-flight who attempts to exchange 2/3 of the revenue made from the Saints accomplishments in Stillwater for their lives. That shit just isn't going to fly, no pun intended. All hell breaks loose and in an act of heroism, Gat stays back to take control of the plane while you and Shaundi bail out the rear to only continue the fight the whole way down to the ground, dodging cars, crates, dead bodies and bullets. Once on the ground, take a moment to take in the sights and welcome yourself to Steelport.


Steelport is a fiction city based not too far away from Stillwater. It consists of 6 islands, 3 main islands and 3 smaller ones, all  except 1 are connected by bridges. Similar to Stillwater, Steelport is mainly controlled by 3 gangs (Morning Star, The Deckers and The Luchidores) all of which make up the Syndicate. Each gang has its respective color and style with the Morningstar being red and dress in suits, The Deckers are blue and are tech-savvy young people and The Luchidores who are green, wear masks and like to wrestle. Unlike the previous games when you embark on the storyline, they arnt individual ones linked to just 1 gang with it all coming together at the end. Instead they are intertwined together throughout the whole story designed to give you a better experience.


To say Saints Row: The Third is the same as its predecessors would be an insult. Sure it still keeps many things in play from the old games but it has also mixed them up abit. With activities, once you have completed 1 task you must travel to the next destination rather than being able to complete 6 in one sitting. This I find leaves enough room for a small apocalypse in-between missions if you know what I mean. It also sees the removal and addition of many features, some good and some bad. Things like the Septic avenger activity have been removed but at the same time other activities like Tank Mayhem have been added. Petty things like the food store it no longer needed as food and drugs have been removed and replaced with a greater arsenal for grenades. So it is true some things have been removed but it could easily be said that they have been replaced with something better.


Like most modern games it cannot be without its minor glitches. Simple things like getting stuck in barriers after a cut-scene are basically a normal thing. The most major bug I found in the game would be during the video clips. I sometimes found they missed something out and I felt confused at the end of it because I couldn't figure out how someone got where they are now but that thought quickly leaves my mind once I get my shotgun out. Other major bugs found in the previous Saints Row series like the game freezing have, from what I can see, been removed completely. I'm unsure if other people are having this problem but it was a regular occurrence in Saints Row 2 and now I have not experienced it in the Third which I must say is extremely awesome! Overall, Saints Row: The Third is the type of game that wouldn't let you worry about the minor things, because in no way will they hinder you going on a rampage and wreaking havoc on the city.


Some of the new features include special melee combat moves used with Volitions designated "Awesome Button" (LB for Xbox 360) and what I like to call the "dramatic entrance" to any type of vehicle, which involves jumping high in the air and spear dropping into the drivers seat, making things like a simple walk down the street fun for all. This along with many new weapons, vehicles and aircraft make Saints Row: The Third a game that could never get boring if you tried. With the excellent customizable feature for your character, and the ability to change it for $500, it gives your game that unique feel knowing that no one anywhere would have the same character as you unless of course you took advantage of the new feature of downloading and uploading your character to www.saintrow.com. In this case you would have the same character as someone else but nonetheless you would play the game in a different manner.


All in all Saints Row: The Third is an excellent game and if not used for piece of mind for the storlyine purpose it can be used as just a giant piss take at everything. Recommended for anyone requiring stress releif or just a good laugh. The main story could be finishing in one 8 hour sessions but thats simply not how Saints Row is ment to be played.


Overall Rating 4/5