Modern Warfare 3 - Review

Written by Jay | Friday, 09 December 2011 21:20


Now while its visuals aren't as fancy as some of the years current new releases, it still performs at the top end of the scale in my books. It is loaded up with 3 different gamemodes. Special Ops, Campaign and Multiplayer.



Campaign takes you back on the journey to the truth and back into what seems like the never ending battle to take down Mackarov. Similar to its predecessors, you take on the role of numerous character in different military groups around the world. Joining into the Task Force 141 is an Ex-Spetsnaz soldier named Yuri, who is almost hates Mackarov than the legendary Capt. Price. Off into the American military you take the first initial role of Sgt. Burns and closely followed by a solider who's code name is Frost. Fighting on two opposite sides of the world with the same objective.

With 4 separate difficulties to play through on, there is most certainly a challenge for even the most advanced gamer from using pure skill to just sheer luck to fight your way to the finish. With plenty of in-game achievements to have a go at getting, along with the 48 hidden Intel items and 1 secret achievement, there are hours apon hours of gameplay to be had throughout the singleplayer campaign.



MW3's Special Ops missions have been completely revamped from MW2's. Still gunning the missions able to be completed solo or with a friend it also throws in the option for Survival. Much like Black Ops` Zombies, Survival plants you in the middle of an absolute shit fight that's only going to get worse. Luckily enough you get the much needed aid from the weapons cache, explosives cache and killstreak cache to fight your way till it all just gets a little bit too much. Like the missions you also get the option of playing with a friend. The only downfall to the Special Ops is the fact you can only do a 2 player Co-op, if it was a 4 player, like Zombies, it would plant it in the top ranks of worlds most legendary games.



Lastly we have the Multiplayer. Built on a similar system to the previous MW games, you will soon notice a few tweaks here and there that make things more interesting. Some game modes have been removed while new ones have been added. My personal favourite is a gamemode called "Kill Confirmed". Not only do you have to kill the enemy, you must also collect their dog tags in order to score a point. This comes with open arms as you can collect them yourself, have a team mate get them for you or simply camp the tags in the hope an unsuspecting enemy will wonder in hoping to deny the kill.

Killstreaks have also had a nice makeover allowing even the most inexperienced of players to help contribute to their team. When customising a class you can pick which streak you would like, be it Strike package, Support package or Specialist package. Strike is basically the normal killstreak you get in games which resets after you die. Support however carries on every time you die, meaning that even if you die 100 times you can still call in support related streaks. The only disadvantage is they don't reset. And specialist basically rewards you with bonus perks like sleight of hand etc. ontop of your already chosen perks.

They have also introduced a duel leveling system. Still able to level up and prestige at top level you also have the ability to level up your weapons. Allowing things like weapons attachments, upgrades and certain perks like dual attachments or increased hipfire accuracy etc. This sends the awesome scale through the roof as I'm a person that enjoys individuality and I take pride knowing that it would be a very slim chance I would meet in combat with someone that has the same setup as I. Putting the lesser perks into a weapon leveling system is in my opinion utter brilliance.



Modern Warfare 3 lives up to its expectations and aims to please people in every demographic. The only downfall I found was the multiplayer. While it boasts all these great new features, I found it to still be like MW2 only with different maps and better guns. It is still a game that could get someone addicted very easily but unfortunately I shook my MW addiction shortly after the final map pack of MW2.


With an excellent campaign, breath taking battles to be had in special ops and limitless amounts of hours to be spent in the multiplayer, Modern Warfare 3 is a game for the record books. Especially since it is predicted it will have sold 18 million (yup that's 18,000,000) copies by the start of 2012.



My overall rating for this game would have to be 5 star.