Call of Duty: Black Ops MP Review

Written by Pete | Tuesday, 16 November 2010 11:08


Being this is the eleventy billionth game to be released in the franchise I really don’t see the point in covering every single game type that comes with it, or explaining them. I guess, the joy that comes from getting a new game, in part, is discovering the content for yourself; for me anyway. The game types are the usual suspects that have been our companions for what is scarily beginning to resemble a decade; believe it, or not. I have no doubt Ben Chichoski would be BLOWN AWAY by the success of his dream. Easily the most dominant and significant gaming franchise in the history of first person shooters, if not gaming itself.

So, assuming that we all know the typical - and regurgitated – game types that are included in every version, allow me to point you in the direction of content that needs patronage so that we, as consumers, get the same content consideration with whoever steps up for the next instalment; coz you know, it’s gonna happen. One thing that no one can deny is that this game is the American Diner version of a meal. Consider others, from now, as McContent; expensive for what you get, compared. I got it for free from from JB’s, with trade. They were flogging it off for $80 in the first week. WIN, for us. I believe others were too. THAT, my friends, is comparable against American prices....FINALLY.

First up: Barebones.

Barebones game types are tweaked normal game types, but exclude certain features. ‘Pure’ only allows stripped down weapons where you only get a gun and a knife and that’s it, in a team death match set up. All the maps are included and this is the purists dream. ‘Classic’ is a shout-out to CoD4. In this you get everything as normal, but your kill-streaks are only 3, 5, and 7. This is the Spy Plane, Care Package, and Attack Chopper. This is my normal load anyway. I use the chopper to cover me while I call in my Car Package and hope for a potential lotto win. Plus you get faster kill-streak rotation. Just a tip. I believe ‘Hardline Pro’ will allow you to change your Care Package content if you’re unhappy with it. Finally, Team Tactical. This is like ‘Pure’, but objective based game types.


Wager matches allow you to gamble on your abilities in various game types. They are great, except ‘One in the Chamber’: CampFest. These are well worth jumping in even just to practice all the weapons. You can gamble ‘why-bother’ matches, to ‘hey, I could benefit from this’, to ‘WTF, I’ve NEVER had that much’. Be aware. The higher the gamble, the more camping.


Prestige matches are what they sound like. You need to prestige to access them.


Hardcore returns again, and is under-represented, again. Hopefully DLC comes out in the near future with more game types.

I’m intentionally bouncing through these. Discover and enjoy for yourself. Very excellent selection for people who like a change. Plus, there’s a BUCKET LOAD more to talk about and I’m already at 518 ... 520 ... DAMMIT ... 525 words ... 6 ... SHIT, moving on.

I know people are whinging like frilly knickered girly men in regards to the visuals. I don’t know a hell of a lot about game development to offer an informed opinion, but, inferior texture streaming implies making concession in one respect for an overall experience. We are nearing the end of the most we can possibly ask for with technology and our consoles abilities. Same as with our internet, we’re asking more from what the tech we have in place can give. What I see in game is fine, I have no issues, but for some it’s a deal breaker. Well, maybe 4 people that I can think of. The other 3 million people seem to be enjoying it.


DOA, or Dead Ops Arcade can be accessed at the start up screen where you see ‘Campaign’, ‘Multiplayer’, and ‘Zombies’. You’re sitting in a chair looking at a little tele. Pull the left and right triggers alternatively, and quickly, and your character will break free from the chair. When you stand up, turn around and there’s a little computer. You may have to walk around the room to get to it. It says, hold “x” – whatever on PS and PC - to access. Do that, then type in ‘DOA’. Up pops an arcade game. It’s great fun. They didn’t have to include that, but they did. WIN.


Zombies are a blast – so to speak. I won’t go into it much, but it’s entertaining. There’s also a cheat to unlock all zombie unlocks that you can enter in the computer you access for DOA. I ain’t telling. Search it.

Theatre Mode.

Theatre Mode is something I’m REALLY excited about and am stoked to see it offers fairly close to what I was hoping for. If you want to become famous for Machinima you still need a capture card. This is because you can’t download to USB. At some stage you might be able to. But, Black Ops version offers options never before seen to max out the potential awesomeness of your efforts. The current BETA version – at time of writing – only allows 30 second sections to be uploaded to YouTube and expect long waiting times for it to appear, but get there it will. You can also go through anyone’s previous games to educate yourself on their abilities and you can dump entire games or sections in your file share. Your file share can be accessed by everyone in your XBL or PSN profile if you don’t want to upload to YouTube, or callofduty.com. This is fun for sharing epic an funny moments. You can view anyone from anywhere in theatre mode in first or 3rd person, and you can have free camera. You can film and take screen shots. You can speed up the action or slow it down. Theatre Mode is a top shelf kit and warmly welcomed. WIN.


There is a lot more to talk about and that’s a great thing. You could honestly write a book on the features of this as I haven’t even touched on the weapons, their customization, camo for them, various attachments, the kill streaks, the perks, your face camo, benefits from prestiging, the crossbow, the balancing of weapons, the look of grenades exploding, connectivity, etc etc, and honestly, there is an entire website dedicated to this game and it STILL doesn’t have everything you need to know. This is what, for me, separates Black Ops from any other title in the Call of Duty franchise: The Content. You got your money’s worth, and it’s top shelf stuff. Is it for everyone? Most definitely not, you only need to search the forums of this site for some negativity. Some justified, some not, but no can deny this thing is jammed packed full of stuff to play around with. I really don’t think they should’ve ‘gimped’ the snipers. They could have balanced them out with the great maps in this game. This sucker needs two scores. First one is for value for money. Second is overall.


Hands down the greatest effort for value for money with any game, ever, so far. More things to do than you can poke a stick at.


In my opinion this game is the spiritual sequel to CoD4. If you still love CoD4, then I reckon you’ll like this as well. I can’t in all seriousness give it a perfect score because no game deserves that with my integrity left intact. But it’s close. IT does have issues. Some will be fixed, some are there to stay. More wins than the All Blacks, but with that awesomeness comes the occasional choke. Most definitely a keeper for the shelf, though.

1500 words.....Croist.