COD Black Ops - First Strike Map Pack Review

Written by Mick Brown | Monday, 07 March 2011 00:00


Call of Duty Black Ops has been listed as the main cause of fights in young couples. Whilst that fact isn’t verifiably true there is an undeniable fact that Black Ops needed some more multiplayer maps. So here we are with the aptly named “First Strike” DLC for Black Ops. With 1 new Zombie level and 4 multiplayer levels is it time to spend some Microsoft points?


Kowloon – Places you in China complete with the introduction of zip lines. The zip lines could be renamed to death lines as players’ camp watching them like a hawk. Moving around on the edges of the map is a somewhat careful affair.


Berlin Wall – Pits you on a snow covered map with you guessed it a giant wall separating the sides. The interesting feature is a No Man’s Land between the walls. The No Man’s land is guarded by turrets and stepping foot in this no go zone results in an almost instant death. A running class with SMG works well in the multitude of buildings whilst rewarding an eagle sniper in various vantage spots.


Discovery – Another snow covered map and quite easily the biggest of the lot. It has some Kowloon inspired fall to your death edges and plenty of building to run and gun. The unique feature of this map is a lower walkway that can be brought down with a grenade.


Stadium – Is a colourful map which makes a nice change from Kowloon, Berlin Wall and Discovery. The map features a hockey rink but the action rarely happens in this hall. Lots of balconies and alcoves provide multiple vantage points whilst close quarter kills are less frequent.


Ascension - Rounds out the map pack with a healthy addition to the beloved Zombies mode. The coolest part is that you start out in black and white; it feels like a Tarratino movie. A giant centrifuge spins around the room imposing death while the addition of monkeys will frustrate and delight. There are so many secrets to unlock that it would be a shame for me to spoil them. Definitely a must play.

The map pack at $15.00 provides relative value for the amount of hours you will get out of it and will no doubt end up on everyone’s console before long.