Lego Star Wars III The Clone Wars Review

Written by Mick Brown | Monday, 11 April 2011 00:00


Original concepts are getting few and far between in the gaming world of late, so some developers are flaunting formulas that work. Travellers Tales is no different offering up the latest LEGO centric game. This time Lego tackles the animated Star Wars series: The Clone Wars. Read on to find out if the force is strong in this one or it should be cast back to the dark side.

The first thing returning fans will notice is a graphical overhaul that is more than welcomed. LSWIII feels like the first next gen version of the LEGO series. In addition there is multitude of never before seen weapons and is complimented by the sheer amount of characters and ships. Such lashing will give Star Wars fan plenty of reason to smash their way to True Jedi Status in each of the levels.


Game play has beefed up from previous outings. The same types of battles you have come to expect are there but a new addition of some RTS levels are an excellent bonus. In these levels you have to defeat the opponent by collecting “all their bases are belong to us” and coins to build a range of tower defence favourites such as: barracks, cannons, tanks and shields to name but a few. These levels also provide some fun hair pulling moments in two player. The dynamic split screen returns as does the drop in drop out feature which allows a friend or family member to pick up the controller and start helping (or hindering) and then leaving (or being banished) at anytime during a mission.

LSWIII has a massive amount of replay ability as finishing the game is only just the beginning.  Playing again in free play gives you access to characters that can access all areas of each mission and also bulk up the ability to collect all those coins, gold bricks and red bricks. Red bricks enable cheat codes which make unlocks infinitely easier. Cheats such as 10x score, Dual Sabre Wield and Invincibility really dumb down the experience but are a god send on some of the more frustrating levels.

Whilst the game is an excellent addition to the LEGO franchise and worthy to use the Luca Arts copyright it is not without its flaws. At times you will get downright stuck with seemingly nowhere to go. After much scratching of the head you will discover you didn’t break one brick on a wall and this stopped your progression. Another gripe would be that some of the vehicles are like taking a two storey house down a set of rapids. Fun but you want to get off the ride at some time. I reviewed the 360 version and encountered some lockups that gave me tremors for days after thinking my 4th console was about to experience the RROD. All other recent games have played smoothly and my fellow reviewers have also encountered this nasty glitch so it sounds reserved to just the 360.


There is more than enough to like and plenty enough to do to warrant the return to Tatooine along with the forking out of your hard earns. Now I will be waiting patiently to play as everyone’s favourite drunk pirate Jack Sparrow in the next LEGO game due out this year. Proof that you can never get too much of a good thing.