Ghostbusters Sanctum of Slime

Written by Mick Brown | Monday, 11 April 2011 00:00


Ghostbusters Sanctum of Slime (GBSOS) is the latest full licensed game building off the beloved Ghostbusters franchise.  Available for download now and with the enticement of 4 player ghost busting slime slamming fun read on to find out if this deserves Bill Murray's tick of approval or should be banished to the neither regions of the proton pack.

GBSOS is a top down stick shooter which takes place over 12 levels of infuriating mind numbing boredom. I promised that whilst this game has left a terrible taste in my mouth and claimed a 360 controller I would maintain my professionalism. Alas this game just doesn’t deserve it.

Ghostbusters has always had fantastic humour, however with the complete lack of any voice acting and all sequences being played out in painfully unfunny comics you can see why they have a 25 point achievement for enduring them. Why? because no one cares! OK where was I... The soundtrack in so repetitive and will have you reaching for your iPod in no time flat. Ghosts come in three convenient colours and need to be dispatched with the corresponding Proton Pack which is a fiddly affair.


Levels are incredibly boring and are actually reused in later chapters with a orientation view change, given that the game is a grind to begin with it really does glare at your with a complete lack of disrespect. The controls as mentioned are a  total joke and can be likened to fighting a burning towering inferno with a water pistol.

Chapter 10 claimed a controller and I will openly admit is the first game that I have ever rage quit from and deleted all in the same foul swoop. The computer controlled AI is so freakin useless, seriously if my Nan was twiddling the sticks aimlessly at these terrible ghouls I would be helped a tad sight better. In the particular aforementioned level you would bear the full brunt of the work only to be hit twice by some stupid ghost and have to restart the checkpoint. The AI would often come to my rescue only too leave me one second before being revived only to go get us all killed.


Multiplayer.... what multiplayer, other people need to be playing the game for that to function?  I couldn’t find a match day or night.

The only good news is that we have found the worst game of the year for 2011. Total and utter crap!