Rezurrection DLC

Written by Jay | Wednesday, 31 August 2011 19:17

The latest installment to the Call of Duty: Black Ops DLC Quadrilogy is this Zombie based map pack containing 1 Brand new Zombie map, Moon, along with 4 timeless classics.


Starting with the oldest we have Nacht Der Untoten (Night of the Undead). Primarily released with Call of Duty: World at War hitting shelves on 11th November 2008, gave players their first insight into what would later become an extremely popular and eventful life after death if you will. Set in a relatively small house surrounded by a grave yard, you must work together to hold off the incoming horde of zombies from every angle. The release of it on Rezurrection sees it through the improved graphics generator whilst still boasting the classic weapons off the walls and all the new weapons from the box. As this is the first zombie map released it will always hold a special place in my heart.


Second we have Verrückt (Asylum) which takes you through an abandoned german insane asylum. Asylum was the first zombie map to introduce the power switch, Perk-a-cola machines and Electro-shock defense systems. While you can move freely in some rooms you must take care when it comes to the small corridors. The main bonus to this map is that it is almost completely symmetrical, meaning if you explore one side of the map the other side will basically have the same areas and routes. Consisting of over 10 rooms to explore across 2 stories it is great for those that love to get up close and personal with their zombie companions.


Third is Shi No Numa (Swamp of Death) which takes place in an abandoned building in the middle of a damp and foggy swamp. It is the first of the zombie maps to contain Japanese zombies instead of the usual Nazi zombies. Swamp was the first of the maps to introduce the special round. The one every one loves and screams when they spot them. DOGS!. While it can be an adrenaline rush to first timers it does offer that sweet reward of Max Ammo at the end that always seems to appear when you find yourself and the rest of your team in absolute dire straights. This map contains no power switch as there is nothing to power. This map is for the gamer focused on tactics using non powered traps and knee deep sludge to slow their opponents.


Fourth we have everyones favorite, Der Riese (Zombie Factory). This map brings fourth the lifesaving Teleporters which will kill any zombie close by when used. In order for the teleporters to work you must have the power switched on and the teleporter linked with the node located at the spawning area. It also sees the introduction of the famous Pack-a-Punch machine which for a small price of 5000 points will upgrade any weapon you wish to stick in it.

We also get our first introduction to Richtofens daughter Samantha. A troubled young girl who you can find linked to many of the zombie maps to date. Her pet dog was taken from her and experimented on which we now see as the hellhounds. Her teddy bear can be found inside the Mystery box ready to spoil everyones day. It is also her voice you can hear when the box says its good byes. Great map for those prone to sprinting around or sitting with their backs against the wall.

And finally we have the newest addition to the Zombie saga, Moon. This map takes off in Area 51 where you must fend off zombies with nothing but a pistol and a knife for a short time until the buzzer sounds and things turn ugly. My advise would be to high tail it out of there onto the teleporter pad as soon as you hear the buzzer as survival here after it is almost non existent. Once through you will find yourself on the moon base but think quick as you will require the space suit located infront of you in order to breath.

This map brings fourth low gravity and is a great deal of fun. It is to date the largest zombie map released and features numerous open areas for you to run, or bounce, around in. As a long time zombie fan this would come close to the most fun zombie map i have played and offers yet another stream of achievements for the achievement hunters out there to rattle their brains over. Careful in the Bio-dome once the power is on, one wrong step could see you flying through the air with nothing but confusion running through your head and a damp spot in your pants.

Overall the Rezurrection DLC map pack is a great addition and a must have for any gamer that loves zombies or has never experienced the classic maps.